Tele-learning Session » Dealing with Dementia with Gayle Alston

Dates & Times:
November 28, Wednesday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hosted By:
Caregiver Teleconnection

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Caregivers of people living with dementia need the “ How to’s” of managing the challenges they face each day.  The Dealing with Dementia Guide and Workshop was created to provide some of those “How to’s”.  From problem solving around dementia behaviors to creating a dementia friendly lifestyle, Gayle Alston, co-author of the guide and program will provide tips for navigating the ever changing waters of dementia care.
Intended Audience:
Family Caregivers
Session Notes:
Class Times:
Eastern 12:00 pm
Central 11:00 am
Mountain 10:00 am
Pacific 9:00 am
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