Tele-learning Session » Using Journal Techniques to Manage Self-care while Caring for a Loved One with with Lori Ramos Lemasters

Dates & Times:
October 13, Friday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Caregiver Teleconnection

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Caring for a loved one comes with daily challenges that make caring for you feel impossible. Using a journal can help you identify and overcome obstacles. Learn to use writing techniques to identify what you need to feel cared for and build a care plan that allows time for self-care. Lori Ramos Lemasters is the founder of CarePartnersResource and a certified Journal to the Self © therapeutic writing instructor. Lori is an educator, a writer and public speaker and a caregiver for her parents.
Intended Audience:
Family Caregivers
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Eastern 2:00 pm
Central 1:00 pm
Mountain 12:00 pm
Pacific 11:00 am
 Lori Ramos Lemasters 
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